THE MAGICIAN, painting by GLORIA FABEL, Norway

THE MAGICIAN, by GLORIA FABEL, Norway (copyright of the artist)
THE MAGICIAN, by GLORIA FABEL, Norway (copyright of the artist)





He                               He                               He

walks                           runs                             eyes me

nonchalantly                 to                                up and down

my way                        the next                        unexpectledly

picks off                      one                              inflicts

someone                      on                                vanishing trick

on my right                 the list                        

wham                          mustn’t                         and job done

bam                             waste                           ticks off

he’s gone                     time                             my name

crunch                         those                            before

scrunch                        who know                   jogging

then whirls                   wait                             off – on

towards me                  their turn                      again



twirling his                    he turns                        now you’re here

magic stick                   like a top                      now you’re not.

turns away –                 throws stardust

to smite                        to dazzle



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