MEDITATION, painting by ADOLF PEN, Slovenia

MEDITATION, painting by ADOLF PEN, Slovenia (copyright of the artist)
MEDITATION, painting by ADOLF PEN, Slovenia (copyright of the artist)




As you say, Ann,

 Buddhas were my thing

Long ago

in flower power days

we strewed petals

to honour him

sat in a lotus-like squat

and emptied our minds.

No mantras, no noise,

no distraction

only Buddha

on his plinth and us

with our backs to him

our bottoms raised

on kapok cushions,

contemplating the wall.

Buddha took no offence

and finally broke

the shackles

in my mind

eased my aching joints

and made me –

just by his wooden–

tranquillity –

and would break free

from all that grief.




2 Replies to “MEDITATION, painting by ADOLF PEN, Slovenia”

  1. Looking at this pose
    I can see a dose
    of tranquillity in sight
    with all that might
    that someone with a good sight
    might call Adolf Pens painting
    a new Paul Cezzane generation
    of a very gifted painter
    on paintings that once mind can rest
    and eyes can see beyond it all !

  2. This is a fine painting, “Meditation,” by Adolf Pen.
    Here is a poem, “To Meditate,” by Thich Nhat Hahn:
    To meditate does not mean to fight with a problem.
    To meditate means to observe.
    Your smile proves it.
    It proves that you are being gentle with yourself,
    that the sun of awareness is shining in you,
    that you have control of your situation.
    You are yourself,
    and you have acquired some peace.

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