PRISCILLA AS PIERRETTE, painting by AINHOA (Priscilla Griscti), Malta. VENICE, poem by CAROLE JACOBS, Wales, UK

(copyright of the artist)



He stepped out of the ghetto,

a shawl of red wool flannelled

his shoulders,

his face like a painted Pierrot

a mask of surprise in his eyes.

His little feet

trotted on the stones of the calle,

his hand’s grip on her shoulder,

as she led him

through gates that had shut him

in each night under squat towers,

his old watchers.

The canal gleamed in front of him

like a silk thread trailing his past,

into Cannaregio

where houses, shoulder to shoulder,

leaned silent, closed to the white

shock of his face.

So they traced a way through the crowd

of empty tourists, only his shadow

left on the campo.




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