MY LITTLE COTTAGE, painting by Cicily Elenor Bäckström, Sweden. THE ROAD HOME, poem by Aeronwy Thomas, Uk

(copyright of the artist)

LINK: www.svenskakonstnarer.se/galleri/cicily9.    


The way home is long

The cliffwalk lengthens

From home to seatown

And back again.

In dreams, I wander slowly

The heron still there

Regal on one leg

Surveying the estuary

And I stop to see

Streamlets of water


Over the sand-blown banks.

Light-footed in recollection,

I tackle the slope

There’s something

Worth running for

And come across the shed

Painted royal blue

It hasn’t changed

In wayward memory.


And here I am today

Labouring up the hill

Looking for the familiar outline

Through the trees

The grass green door

Not the way it was


And through the porthole

I can see the branches

Tapping the windows

My father there

Working at the table

Writing and muttering

Watching the tides

His life on the turn

Putting into poems

Terns, gulls, killyduckers

Flying over the bay

I look again with his eyes


The pages turn

Before the last climb

To my home

Along the pathway

Down the steps

To the Boat House

Which has not moved

In my absence.

It is a long road.



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