“St. Elaine and her guardians”, painting by CAROLYN MARY KLEEFELD, Big Sur, California. “The bird of grief”, poem by PETER THABIT JONES, Swansea, Wales, UK

( copyright Carolyn Mary Kleefeld)
Link: www.carolynmarykleefeld.com

The Bird of Grief,
by Peter Thabit Jones
Link: http://www.peterthabitjones.com/

(from a painting by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld)

This is the bird of grief
Attended by her ghosts;
Her long black wing outstretched
Like a psalm of sorrow.

All the hurt of man
Is weeping from her eye,
All the war of loving
Is breaking in her night.

This is the room’s last shadow,
The mother-feathered pain;
This is the touch of nursing souls
Before the flight of change.

This is the bird of grief
That shrieks inside the blood,
Whose silence is the sound of death,
Whose talons are for love.

Peter Thabit Jones © 2010
(all rights reserved)

1 Comment

  1. This powerful Kleefeld painting of heroic activistism makes the innocent suffering of animals real. Under the spell of master poet Jones, we are infused with a sense of our own mortality and the importance of fighting forcefully for that which we cherish.


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