“The Moment Light Begins after El Greco (St. Jerome)” Fine art Photo by ADEL GORGY, U.S.A. – Poem by LAURA BOSS, U.S.A.

“Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadside”


The Moment Light Begins after El Greco (St. Jerome) – copyright Adel Gorgy

for Michael Benedikt

At 13, you traveled from one junior high to another reading your paper on astronomy
that caused your teachers to want other students in the City to hear your paper they considered so brilliant from someone your age, or any age—
You tell me this after lovemaking years later, tell me that giving that “lecture” gave
you even more pleasure than reading your poems at the Library of Congress

Tonight, five months after your death that I am still recovering from
(and obviously you never will),
I look at the night sky and wonder, my love, if your inquisitive spirit
is soaring through the planets like the mind astronaut you always were

—Laura Boss

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