“Aeneia” painting by Alexander Varšík, Slovakia. “The Object” poem by Aeronwy Thomas, U.K.

Aeneia - object

Link: http://www.pegasgallery.com/index.html


It has been there some time
When I entered the room
It was already there
It seems to be of two colours
But then in certain lights
It has to be three or four
Or even more
But then it appears
Almost colourless
I wouldn’t swear to it
Being coloured at all

It’s spherical in shape
I’m sure of that
Not so sure really
Truth be known
From another angle
It could be round
Or flat or multi shaped
Starshaped with sharp corners
Now I’m getting fanciful
It is after all
A very simple object
Or so I think
Until I approach it
And it is blinking
On and off, on and off

I think my eyesight
Must be faulty
It emits no light
Rather a dull thing
In fact
And when I pick it up
A bit of a deadweight
Not light and feathery
As I had supposed
A bit of a disappointment
I expected more
From the object

When I first saw it
The object in the middle of the room
Or was it to one side
I don’t quite remember
It’s playing on my mind
My mind, my mind
If it was ever there
This object.


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