” THE PLIGHT OF A WOMAN” poem by Lilac, India – painting by Lalit Jain, India.

Lalit Jain

(copyright Lalit Jain)

Link: http://www.lalitkjain.com/



flawless a crystal,the morning dew glisten,
a prayer to respond,heaven to listen.
traumatic & lull,her eyes are amber,
a tale untold,a tale to remember.
melting of glacier,tributaries of thought,
chained in a lake,salvation sought.
questions so vivid,she puts everyday,
a river in her eyes,finds no way.
song of the siskin,echoes-contain,
oh! plight of the bird,increaseth her pain.
for-fire in the woods,breeds ashes no heir,
carried by water,blown by air.
silent the gesture,solemn entity,
calm is the wave,encompassing sea.
her eyes thou path,mystery unveiled,
a disguised smile,seldom reveal.
misleading,dubious,lovely & fake
an ocean she cried,to become a lake.




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