Helen Bar - Lev, Immagine & Poesia

“Reclusive Tourists” poem / Manarola and Rio Maggiore (Italy) , paintings by Helen Bar – Lev, Israel

Italy Manarola 22May13 300 dpi

Rio Maggiore Cinque Terre painting 300 dpi




Link: http://www.helenbarlev.com/


Reclusive Tourists

We detest to admit it
we’re really such sophisticates
we envisioned a quiet
and stressless trip

so we went in May when visitors are few
hired a car to spare us
the ramblings of a talkative guide
and the cramped closeness of a bus

we found cabins in the mountains
to avoid pollution, to enjoy the view
the lakes beckoned
the museums mesmerized

and to our surprise
hoards of tourists materialized
with all the languages of the masses
they spilled out of buses, tramped in on foot
in flocks, in droves, in hundreds and thousands
they boarded the boats

and so, like those hapless lobsters
caught in the traps
off the shores of La Cinque Terre,
we too were caught up
in the midst of all the tourist attractions,
as we all gawked at the beauty
of the buildings and the country,
like every other visitor
to Italy

C 6.2013 Helen Bar-Lev 


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