REVERBERATIONS – Contemporary Abstractions

About: Reverberations: Contemporary Abstractions
Able Fine Art Gallery is proud to present Adel Gorgy, Miyako Aoki, and Marsha Solomon in Reverberations: Contemporary Abstractions from September 10-23, 2014. This will be the first opportunity for audiences in Seoul to see the work of these three accomplished international artists together.
Each possesses a unique vision and voice. Yet, when seen together, it is clear that the voices speak to one another. There is a sense of accord, through the shared language of abstraction. A musical note, a drop of water, a memory – all of these are sources and expressions of reverberations. Reverberations can be direct and clearly traced or may dwell in the realm of mystery.
Three artists, working separately, have created distinct bodies of work that reverberate in unexpected ways. Adel Gorgy, from New York, creates intricate contemporary abstractions that intentionally blur the boundaries between photography and painting. Miyako Aoki works aluminum surfaces in dense but bright colors that transform the metal into an elegantly minimalistic painted surface. Marsha Solomon’s ethereal acrylic paintings infuse her canvases with color and texture, but also with a sense of harmony and repose.






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