Immagine & Poesia

Critical Review of “Immagine & Poesia” by Allen Jacobs MA, Professor of English Literature, Wales – G.B.

Allen Jacobs


“Immagine & Poesia – The Movement in Progress” by Lidia Chiarelli
New York – Cross-Cultural Communications 2013

‘The abstract of a poetic rendering placed next to visual art is a concept that is well established. Lidia Chiarelli offers us a collection of her poems and the visual art of her family and friends.


Her quiet personality bubbles through her gentle encounters with an evening sky, memories of her father, the scents in the garden, the rhythm of rain, splinters of light in a timeless world, the whirling lights in Times Square and Coney Island – as a striking contrast to the Gianpiero Actis‘ paintings and the creative photography of Alessandro Actis.


Her endearing experiences with Nature :

winds, leaves, water, mist


Her inclusion of the poetic thoughts of other poets :

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Dylan Thomas, Emily Dickinson,

Walt Whitman


Her spatial structure of her words on the page

give all readers a wrap around experience that begs further appreciation through many repeated readings.’


October 2014



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