“DYLAN THOMAS AND ITALY” – Tribute to DYLAN THOMAS – March 25 – Torino Italy



Tribute to one of the greatest poets of the Twentieth Century

at the conclusion of the celebrations organized

for the centenary of his birth


 a project by  “Il Luogo delle Arti” and  “Immagine & Poesia”


In the Beginning_ridotta

(In the Beginning – painting by Gianpiero Actis)


In the beginning was the three-pointed star, 
One smile of light across the empty face…

Dylan Thomas


Alberto Geisser Library, Torino

Wednesday, March 25  6 pm – free admission –



Manrico Murzi: poet

Massimo Trombi (Libreria La torre di Abele)

Anna Maria Bracale Ceruti, Luisa Paglieri (Associazione Il Luogo delle Arti)

Lidia Chiarelli, Rosalba Vacis, Maria Fiorenza Verde (Associazione Immagine & Poesia)

Cristina Codazza: voice artist

On show: paintings by  Gianpiero Actis e Davide Binello

Acknowledgments for comments and messages:

OXFORD: Hannah Ellis (grand-daughter of Dylan Thomas), President of the Dylan Thomas Society of Great Britain)

SWANSEA: Peter Thabit Jones (Welsh poet and dramatist, author – with Aeronwy Thomas – ofThe Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village”),  Jo Furber (Literature Officer – Dylan Thomas Centre),  Anne Haden (Expert on Dylan Thomas)

NEW YORK: Stanley H. Barkan, Poet/Publisher, Cross-Cultural Communications, NY


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