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IMMAGINE & POESIA E BOOK 2015 – Call for Artists and Poets



Project for an E-Book publication 2015

Poets and artists members of Immagine & Poesia, are invited to submit a poem linked to an image for an E-Book publication edited by the Immagine & Poesia Movement, Torino, Italy. Huguette Bertrand (Canada) will be responsible for the making of the e-book in Pdf format. The ebook is not to be sold but to be downloaded for free on Immagine & Poesia’s website. Please note that this publication will include English and French speaking poets. Poems of each language will not be translated.

  1. To subscribe as a member of Immagine & Poesia, please do so by asking to join Immagine & Poesia Facebook Group:
  2. Poems should be no longer than 20 lines


  1. Each poet / artist can choose an artwork / poem to be linked
  2. If a poet chooses an artwork  to pair with his/her poem, the artist must be a member of Immagine & Poesia and give permission by e-mail to use his/her image and viceversa for the artist who sends his/her image linked to a poem.
  3. If the artist/poet is not a member of Immagine & Poesia, he/she can subscribe as indicated in rule no 1.
  4. Each poem will be linked to an image to figure on one page on the e-book.
  5. A short biography (3 lines max) is required with the link to the website of both the poet and the artist author of the image.
  6. To resume : Only two files should be sent for submission :
    – A jpg file of the image    /   On one single word file : the poem, the biographies, the permission of the artist / poet chosen and the link to their website or blog or Facebook.

E-Book 2015. Deadline : May 31st, 2015

Submissions should be sent to

to Huguette Bertrand
email :

and also Cc Lidia Chiarelli
email :



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