“Throw the life net”, by Germain Droogenbroodt, Belgium

Throw the lifenet

Throw the life net * in the abyss of despair

gather at low tide the wreckage the words of olden days

fraction the bread preserve of silence the crumbs

the kindling of dawn

Germain Droogenbroodt From “In the Stream of time, Meditations in the Himalayas”

Germain Droogenbroodt, was born in the Flemish part of Belgium but lives already 28 years in Altea, a picturesque Mediterranean city in Spain. He is a worldwide appreciated poet, invited yearly at the most famous international poetry festivals. His poetry is many-sided. Starting with nature poetry and a collection of love poems, his countless journeys in the East lead to philosophic poetry, published so far in 25 countries where he received several international awards as a poet, translator and promotor of poetry. He wrote so far eleven poetry books. Germain Droogenbroodt is also a translator, publisher and promotor of modern international poetry. In Belgium he founded in 1984 POINT Editions (POetry INTernational) publishing in Dutch translation modern poetry from all over the world. He translated over 30 books of German, Spanish, Italian poetry and rendered poetry from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Iran, Palestine. In Spain he organized the international poetry festival La Costa Poética and was secretary general of the Primer Congreso de Literatura de Valencia. With the Chinese poets Bei Dao and Duo Duo he founded the poetry movement neo-sensacionismo. In 2008 he set up in Altea the Fundación Ithaca, a cultural foundation organizing yearly The Poetic Evening Concerts of Ithaca, combining music, poetry and painting. The Foundation also cooperates with other Spanish and international cultural foundations and festivals. Droogenbroodt was cofounder of The Poetic Bridge (Junpa), an English-Japanese publication located in Kyoto and recently became vice president of the Mihai Eminesco International Poetry Festival in Craiova, Romania.G


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