Lidia Chiarelli

Lidia Chiarelli: front cover of Rendition of International Poetry #4 2021- China


莉迪亚·基亚雷利生于意大利都灵,并在此长大成人,2007年,她与伊伦维·托马斯在此创立了艺术文学运动:《图像与诗歌》。她是在意大利举办的狄伦·托马斯节的协调员。莉迪亚的创作热情激励着她写诗,自2011年以来,她已经成为一位获奖诗人:荣获六次手推车奖提名(美国): 纽约2020年文学艺术奖章;2021年萨希托国际大陪审团奖。她的作品已被翻译成20多种语言,并在许多国家的诗歌杂志和网站上发表。2014年,她与加拿大作家兼编辑胡吉特·伯特兰开启了一个跨文化项目,在网上出版了《诗歌与艺术电子图书》。2010年,莉迪亚参观纽约现代艺术博物馆时受到启发,之后创作了与小野洋子的许愿树类似的装置,在树上悬挂诗歌和艺术卡片。莉迪亚·基亚雷利在意大利和国外展出了她的“诗歌与艺术树”。 她也是一位受人赞赏的拼贴艺术家。




About the author:

Lidia Chiarelli was born and raised in Turin (Italy), where in 2007 she founded the Art-literary Movement: Immagine & Poesia, with Aeronwy Thomas. She is the coordinator of the Dylan Thomas Day in Italy. Lidia’s passion for creative writing has motivated her to write poetry and she has become an award winning poet since 2011. Six Pushcart Prize Nomination (U.S.A.). Literary Art Medal, NY 2020. Sahitto International Grand Jury Award 2021. Her writing has been translated into more than 20 languages and published in Poetry Magazines and on web-sites in many countries. In 2014 she started an inter-cultural project with Canadian writer and editor Huguette Bertrand publishing E Books of Poetry and Art on line. After visiting the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2010, Lidia was inspired to create installations similar to Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree, hanging poems and art cards on the trees. Lidia Chiarelli has exhibited her “Poetry&Art Trees”in Italy and abroad. She is also an appreciated collage artist.