Acknowledgment by American artist ADEL GORGY, NY



“Abstracting Abstraction” exhibition by ADEL GORGY

BAFFA Gallery, Sayville, NY

October 12-27 2013



I thank the poets whose poems have inspired these collaborations and those for whom my work was inspirational.


Hassanal Abdullah,  Mia Barkan Clarke,  Stanley H. Barkan,  Laura Boss, Sultan Catto,  Lidia Chiarelli,  Joan Digby,  John Digby,  Kristine Doll, Charles Fishman,  Maria Mazziotti Gillan,  Mary Gorgy,  

Peter Thabit Jones,  Carolyn Mary Kleefeld,  Robin Metz,  Nabil Naoum, Marsha Solomon,  Aeronwy Thomas,  and  Bill Wolak


I also thank Aeronwy Thomas, the first poet with whom I collaborated, Immagine&Poesia the international art/literary movement in Torino, Italy, and its president, Lidia Chiarelli, who sparked these collaborations, and Stanley H. Barkan, the publisher of Cross-Cultural Communications, who published these collaborations as the Art & Poetry Series of broadsides.


For all you, my dear friends, I am ever grateful.

 Adel Gorgy



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