田宇 James Tian

“Meaning” poem by 田宇 (James Tian) – China – Artwork and Italian translation by Lidia Chiarelli

Peace, a flower in the storm by Lidia Chiarelli


What do we think is the meaning of peace,

In our yellowing memories?

Is it so selfish,

That we don’t care about each other, It’s the final stability?

Or just a word calling with our mouth,

Without love as a basis?

What do we think is the meaning of peace,

In our ideal dreams?

Without a war,

Is that the true harmony?

Or a temporary emotion just because of special pity?

It’s the crack in our hearts now,

There is something wrong with our consciousness!

Stopping greedy desire can make the wandering love return,

The light of the world isn’t only at daybreak.

The excuses for attack is always prosperous,

But follow the love should be our special faith.

Even if the future is a jacket with bloody existence,

Everything is possible,

The fire symbolizing freedom isn’t extinguished.

By James Tian – China



Quale pensiamo sia il significato della pace,

Nei nostri ricordi ingialliti?

Siamo  così egoisti

Se  non ci importa l’uno dell’altro.

 È questa dunque la stabilità finale?

O è solo una parola detta con la bocca,

Senza l’amore come base?

Cosa pensiamo sia il significato della pace,

Nei nostri sogni ideali?

Nessuna guerra,

È questa la vera armonia?

O un’emozione temporanea solo per un momento di compassione ?

È la crepa nei nostri cuori ora,

C’è qualcosa di sbagliato nella nostra coscienza!

Fermare il desiderio avido può far tornare l’amore errante,

La luce del mondo non è solo all’alba.

Le scuse per l’attacco sono sempre numerose,

Ma seguire l’amore dovrebbe essere la nostra fede speciale.

Anche se il futuro appare adesso  come un abito insanguinato

Tutto è possibile,

Il fuoco che simboleggia la libertà non si spegne.

James Tian, China

 James Tian,Tianyu. His works have been published in more than 50 newspapers and magazines in China and abroad and have been translated into many languages.

The International Culture Publishing Company published the monograph “The light in the sky” Tianyu modern poetry anthology, Sichuan Nationalities Publishing House published “Tianyu lyrics anthology”, China Ground Publishing House published “Tianyu lyrics anthology 2” and other books.

Since 2018 he has been awarded with prestigious prizes of excellence. He is the main organizer of Zheng Xin International Poetry Award.

田宇 James Tian is one of the Representatives of Immagine & Poesia in China.

田宇 James Tian, Lidia Chiarelli

Lidia Chiarelli – Winner at the 4th Huang Yazhou International Poetry Festival.

The list of the winners of The 4th Huang Yazhou International Poetry Festival.

The international poets group of this award was established for the first time in 2021. A total of 40 poets were shortlisted recommended by 田宇(James Tian).

After the selection, a total of 15 poets won the Excellent Poet Award.

阿布杜卡赫·科西莫夫(Abdukakhor Kosimov)

莉迪亚·基亚雷利(Lidia Chiarelli)

珍妮特·尤里卡(Jeanette Eureka)

叶莲娜·格里戈里耶夫娜·阿纳涅娃(Елена Григорьевна Ананьева)

克桑西·洪德鲁·希尔(Xanthi Hondrou-Hill)

埃韦利娜·玛丽亚·布加伊斯卡·贾沃卡(Ewelina Maria Bugajska Javorka)

安娜·史翠嘉(Ana Stjelja )

奥尔加·列瓦德娜娅(Ольга Левадная)

舒尔金娜·伊琳娜·瓦伦蒂诺夫娜(Шульгина Ирина Валентиновна)

伊登·索里亚诺·特立尼达(Eden Soriano Trinidad)

斯马拉格迪·米特罗普洛(Smaragdi Mitropoulou)

伊娃·彼得罗普鲁·利诺伊(Eva Petropoulou Lianoy)

卢西拉·特拉帕佐(Lucilla Trapazzo)

比索·娜塔莉(Bisso Natalie)

伊塞尔达·努内斯(Isilda Nunes)

Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala, 田宇 James Tian

The 8th Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala 2022 ( Beijing Federation) International Poets Award

The winners of the 8th Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala 2022 ( Beijing Federation) International Poets Award are announced.

James Tian 田宇 is the organizer in chief of the event.

The Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala has always adhered to the concept of “Great Poetry” that integrates ancient and modern, combines Chinese and western.

The awards cover the fields of Poetry (New Poetry), poetry, Ancient poetry, prose poetry, lyrics, translation and related cultural tourism, becoming the most abundant poetry awards.

This year, the International Poets Award was established for the first time.

Its purpose is to communicate with the world, radiate the world, promote Chinese Poetics to wide space, highlight cultural self-confidence and expand the international space of Chinese culture.

 At the same time, it contributes to the exchange of Chinese and foreign poetics and promotes the integration, innovation and development of world poetics.

As a public welfare poetry award without bonus, it has attracted much attention because we have always adhered to the Chinese cultural position, Chinese cultural aesthetics and Chinese cultural spirit. There is no doubt that the development of Chinese poetics is inseparable from the world; The development of world poetics is inseparable from China. China should provide greater impetus for the development of poetics in the future world. We hope to provide a reflection for poetics. Our modest efforts have become the light of Chinese cultural self-confidence and the backbone of adult spirit. Because of the epidemic situation, the Beijing Federation and award Party of the 8th Chinese poetry Spring Festival Gala 2022 is held at 7:30 p.m. on January 25 (Lunar New Year).

The list of winners will be announced at the end of the Party (award speeches will be released one after another). At that time, please pay attention to the global live broadcast of Dot Live, China.com + +, Voice of Chinese, Beijing TV, Culture And Tourism Live, China News international fashion and other platforms. The winners of the international poet award of the 8th Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala in 2022 are announced as follows:

 法赫丁·谢胡(Fahredin Shehu)【科索沃】 洛弗林·P·埃约(Lovelyn P. Eyo)【尼日利亚】 马塞尔·沙伊努罗维奇·萨利莫夫(Марсель Шайнурович САЛИМОВ)【俄罗斯】 伊登·索里亚诺·特立尼达(Eden Soriano Trinidad)【菲律宾】 斯马拉格迪·米特罗普洛(Smaragdi Mitropoulou)【希腊】 莉迪亚·基亚雷利(Lidia Chiarelli)【意大利】 安特耶·斯特恩(Antje Stehn)【德国】 埃韦利娜·玛丽亚·布加伊斯卡·贾沃卡(Ewelina Maria Bugajska Javorka) 【波兰】 潘胡里·辛哈(Pankhuri Sinha)【印度】 安东尼娅·鲁索(Antonia Russo)【阿根廷】 克劳迪娅·皮奇诺(Claudia Piccinno)【意大利】 安娜·史翠嘉(Ana Stjelja)【塞尔维亚】 米歇拉·萨纳雷拉(Michela Zanarella)【意大利】 比索·娜塔莉(Bisso Natalie)【俄罗斯】 卢西拉·特拉帕佐(Lucilla Trapazzo)【瑞士】 玛丽亚·埃里科(Maria Errico)【意大利】 叶莲娜·格里戈里耶夫娜·阿纳涅娃(Елена Григорьевна Ананьева)【乌克兰】 克桑西·洪德鲁·希尔(Xanthi Hondrou-Hill) 【希腊】 阿布杜卡赫·科西莫夫(Abdukakhor Kosimov) 【塔吉克斯坦】 伊娃·彼得罗普鲁·利诺伊(Eva Petropoulou Lianoy)【希腊】 星野真辉(Maki Starfield)【日本】 尼尔斯·哈夫(Niels Hav)【丹麦】 卡罗琳·洛朗·特朗克(Caroline Laurent Turunc)【土耳其】 克里斯托弗·奥肯姆瓦(Christopher Okemwa)【肯尼亚】 玛丽娅·纳杰弗·波波夫(Marija Najthefer Popov)【塞尔维亚】 奥尔加·列瓦德娜娅(Ольга Левадная)【俄罗斯】 丹尼拉·玛丽安(Daniela Marian)【罗马尼亚】 珍妮特·尤里卡(Jeanette Eureka)【墨西哥】 塔尼娅·恰克拉伯蒂(Taniya Chakraborty)【印度】 萨布丽娜·德·卡尼奥(Sabrina De Canio)【意大利】 The award certificates will be issued after the end of the conference on January 25.

Congratulations to the above award-winning poets. On January 25, the official website of live broadcast of Poetry Spring Festival Gala : https://m.chinalink.tv/content/99192.html?dsb_user_id=11181&fuid=1713011&token= WealthCultural network : http://www.wenhuacaifu.net/a/mtsd/bwxw/20220121/4148.html Journal of Young Poets : https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/_GSbrOQDr_IEhJhI6CMe7Q Chinese Literature: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/xDUq8AjYhhlMBRd2FoueCg Itouch TV: https://media.itouchtv.cn/newsDetailReview/MzIzMTY0MTQ6MTY0MjkyOTIzNg==/f249828d68f4de07285308ff8642b270 Yi Dian News: https://www.yidianzixun.com/article/0b3sIFhh?s=4 Tencent News: https://page.om.qq.com/page/OENoIFmbTEE-xtBP5WosopnA0?ADTAG=tgi.wx.share.message Sohu News : 【【特期】2022年第八届中国诗歌春晚总会场国际优秀诗人奖公布(英文版)_手机搜狐网】https://m.sohu.com/a/518372332_100122570?spm=smwp.media.fd-s.2.1642842942424bRG55TG Today’s Headline: https://m.toutiao.com/is/L8X7cLh/ 2022年第八届中国诗歌春晚总会场国际优秀诗人奖公布(英文版) – 今日头条 Silk Road International Poetry Festival: https://m.booea.com/news/s_2416977.html

田宇 James Tian, Lidia Chiarelli

Lidia Chiarelli: First Prize at the 2021 literary and art ceremony of Chinese Literature magazine-Longyan City


The 30 international poets recommended by 田宇(James Tian, editor in chief of the international edition of Chinese Literature magazine, became the highlights of the conference. The main leaders said that after the epidemic ended in the future, they would increase cooperation and exchange activities with international poets and invite them to attend the conference in China. At the same time, the delegation of Chinese writers and poets would also go abroad to jointly hold activities with international poets.

Award list of international poets:

Special Contribution Award(5 Poets)

莉迪亚·基亚雷利(Lidia Chiarelli)【意大利】——时代广场(Times Square)

奥尔加·列瓦德娜娅(Ольга Левадная)【俄罗斯】——夜的边际(The Sharp Edge of Night)

珍妮特·尤里卡(Jeanette Eureka)【墨西哥】——狂热龙舌兰(Rhapsody Tequila)

伊娃·彼得罗普鲁·利诺伊(Eva Petropoulou Lianoy)【希腊】——问(I Ask Nyself)

卢西拉·特拉帕佐(Lucilla Trapazzo)【瑞士】——超脱生死(Beyond the Acheron)

田宇 James Tian

“Sometimes” poem by 田宇  James Tian (China). Italian Translation and Artwork by Lidia Chiarelli

Digital Collage by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy



maybe you need some songs to change your moods,

just like this .

And sometimes you may want some pops

to let you as a bird flying in the sky,

just like this .

But sometimes

maybe you love the stories best,

that they can make you feel nervous and delight.

And what I thought

you really need is me.

With the sunshine and almost the all stars’ light.

田宇  – James Tian, China


A volte

A volte

forse hai bisogno di alcune canzoni per cambiare il tuo umore,

proprio come questa.


E a volte puoi desiderare un po’ di pop

per diventare come un uccello che vola nel cielo,

proprio come questo.

Ma a volte

preferisci forse le storie,

che possono farti sentire vivace e contenta.

E quello che ho pensato

è che hai davvero bisogno di me.

Con il sole e la luce di quasi tutte le stelle.

Translation by Lidia Chiarelli



His works have been published in more than 50 newspapers and magazines in China and abroad and have been translated into many languages. In 2018, he was awarded the second prize in the national excellent literary works competition for the 15th anniversary of the resumption of the publication of jinggangshan writers’ daily, and was awarded the special role model of The Times in 2018. Second prize in Wen Yiduo poetry competition in 2018; BPPW gold award in 2019; Award for excellence in Latin American literature in 2019; Award for American poetry in 2019; Bronze medal of “bena” award for French poetry and song in 2019; In 2019, he won the silver award of the American pegasus poetry award and other awards. The International Culture Publishing Company published the monograph “the light in the sky” Tianyu modern poetry anthology, Sichuan Nationalities Publishing House published “Tianyu lyrics anthology”, China Ground Publishing House published “Tianyu lyrics anthology 2” and other books.