Immagine & Poesia, Katherine L. Gordon, Lidia Chiarelli

“Wordless With Roses” poem by Katherine Gordon, “Cascade of Roses” fine art photo by Lidia Chiarelli

cascade of roses (3)

Wordless With Roses

There is a rose in many a poem

though no words can capture

the startlement of such a beauty

lavished on some olden wall as though

fairy-chosen to hold all who can see

to a ransom of dreams.   We cannot say

how the heart stops, tears appear,

passions pulse, but for a moment all meaning

is possible.

True love, true harmony, true surrender,

all wordless.

Katherine L. Gordon.


Gordon L. Katherine (Canada)
Katherine L. Gordon is a poet, publisher, judge, reviewer and literary critic, promoting poetry internationally. Her work
has been published internationally in several languages, including Chinese and Hindi. Her latest book is Caution: Deep
Water, HMS Press.

Immagine & Poesia, Khế Iêm, Lidia Chiarelli

ÁNH SÁNG TRÊN NHỮNG BỨC TƯỜNG ĐỜI – poem by Lidia Chiarelli (Italy), Translation by Khế Iêm (Vietnam)







to Lawrence Ferlinghetti for

his 101st birthday

[Hic et nunc]


Dạy tôi vẽ

ánh sáng trên những bức tường đời

Dạy tôi nhìn vào thế giới

như bạn thấy

để trở nên giọt nước mắt của mặt trời

ngọn đồi thơ

chữ trên cây.

Hướng tôi

nhìn mặt trời

đụng vào vách đá thẳng

những dòng chảy nước triều dâng lên xuống

không ngưng nghỉ

Những con chim bay trên mặt nước bất kể


Hãy cùng nhau lắng nghe

tiếng thở của những chiếc lá rì rào

sự thinh lặng của đêm đầy sao

âm thanh của mùa hè trong nhưng giọt mưa

Ở đây và bây giờ

Giúp tôi với tới chính cột ánh sáng

đợi chờ sự phục hưng điều kỳ diệu

với bạn

trở lại và mãi mãi


First published on POETRY JOURNAL IN PRINT • BÁO GIẤY, JUNE 2020

Digital Collage, Immagine & Poesia, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Lidia Chiarelli

“On the Walls of Life” poem and image by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy (To Lawrence Ferlinghetti on his 101st birthday)



On the Walls of Life

to Lawrence Ferlinghetti on his 101st birthday


[Hic et nunc]

Lead me to paint

the light on the walls of life.

Lead  me

to become a tear of the sun

a hill of poetry

a word in a tree

Take me

to look at the world

as you saw it

to discover

the sparkling sea of gold

the herons riding the wind

the  tides that restlessly ebb and flow.


With you I will listen

to the echo of the siren song

to the breath of rustling leaves

the perfect hush of a starry night.


Here and now

help me reach the very shores of light

waiting for the day

that maketh all things clear

 with you

again and forever


Lidia Chiarelli, Italy


March 24, 2020



Immagine & Poesia

Appel à participations au vol. 7, 2020 de l’anthologie annuelle Art et Poésie IMMAGINE & POESIA


Appel à participations au vol. 7, 2020 de l’anthologie annuelle Art et Poésie IMMAGINE & POESIA


Les poètes et artistes membres du mouvement Immagine & Poesia, sont invités à soumettre un poème et une illlustration y faisant référence pour l’anthologie éditée par le Mouvement Immagine & Poesia de Turin, Italie. Huguette Bertrand (Canada) sera la responsable de la réalisation en format Pdf de  ce  livre  électronique. Cet ouvrage ne sera pas vendu mais accessible en téléchargement gratuit sur le site de Immagine & Poesia. Cette publication comportera des textes de poètes d’expression française et d’expression anglaise. Les poèmes ne seront pas traduits.

Règles de participation

1 – Chaque participant-e poète et artiste doit être membre du groupe IMMAGINE & POESIA. Sinon vous inscrire sur le FB du groupe.

  1. – Chaque poète doit fournir un poème et une illustration correspondant au poème.

3 – Si un-une poète choisit l’œuvre d’un-une artiste à jumeler avec son poème, l’artiste doit être membre de Immagine & Poesia et donner sa permission par courriel pour l’utilisation de son œuvre, et vice versa de la part de l’artiste qui soumet une œuvre à jumeler à un poème.

  • – Soumission en 2 pièces jointes à un courriel.
    1. Le poème et la biographie (et la biographie de l’artiste s’il y a lieu) sur un seul fichier .doc ou .docx
    2. le fichier de l’illustration en format .jpg
    3. les poètes et artistes doivent être détenteur de leurs droits d’auteur. 
      • – Chaque poème ne doit pas dépasser 20 lignes incluant les espaces entre les strophes pour raison


      • – Chaque biographie ne doit pas dépasser 3 lignes. Le lien web doit être inscrit à la fin de la


      1. Les éditeurs se réservent aussi le droit de refuser les textes qui ne conviendraient pas à cette publication.


      Les poèmes accompagnés des illustrations paraîtront par ordre d’entrée des soumissions.




Immagine & Poesia, Maki Starfield, Salvatore Salamone

“Totem al dio del mare” opera di Salvatore Salamone, Italy. Poem by Maki Starfield, Japan


Pietre e ferro, h 100cm (1994)

Foto di Attilio Scimone


The Prayer of Nature


Thank you for saving Earth, so much

How wonderful

Your existence brings love to the world


Like soil

You are necessary


Like fire

You breathe in the heart of Earth


Like water

You are pure


Like a desert

You share water in fight


The world

Are your eyes

Let’s be happy

Love has no traps

Whatever happens I have no fear

Life is beautiful

The world is beautiful


The world

Are your soul

Let’s be happy

On the earth, feeling the pleasure of life

You breathe

You also breathe

The very heart of your own

Arriving at the depths of the Earth,

There is love and peace!

It is very beautiful.


Peace is your love, your love is peace.

Your heart is here

Simply be quiet and stay there.


You will continue to tell me

To tell the night, the silence, the words,

And the songs.


Immagine & Poesia, Maki Starfield, Salvatore Salamone

“Dal Ciclo Natura + Segni inquietanti”, dipinto di Salvatore Salamone, Italy. Poem by Maki Starfield, Japan


Colori acrilici su tela, 60 x 70, 1985
Foto di Attilio Scimone



While looking at the sunflower painting

I’m remembering you

The season is already spring.

Between you, who have already left

There is no word to exchange

From behind the quietly closed eyes

A drop of water falls

Making me breathe my words.

Art transferred from the 4th dimension of the universe to the 3rd dimension

All is strange and beautiful

The emotion of consciousness is light and shadow

At the top of the misty mountain summit where the Gods live

I am standing alone.

Like relief of the heart

The wind is blowing

Transition from the fourth dimension of the universe to the third dimension

Even now you

quietly, in my heart

come up.

You come


Immagine & Poesia, Maki Starfield, Salvatore Salamone

“Porta aperta, porta chiusa” art mural by Salvatore Salamone, Italy. Poem by Maki Starfield, Japan

who are you

Porta aperta, porta chiusa (Omaggio a Marcel Duchamp) – 1981
Colori acrilici. Casa Apolloni, Palermo
Foto di Tiziano Salamone

“Who Are You?”

Who are you?

In front of the door

I become an angel

Wearing a garland

I grow the angelic wings on my back, which are


I will rush up the sky

where I will follow your heart with a shining light



Immagine & Poesia, Maki Starfield, Salvatore Salamone

“L’improbabile vita dei pesci” art mural by Salvatore Salamone, Italy. Poem by Maki Starfield, Japan

L'improbabile vita dei pesci

Colori acrilici, Casa Apolloni, Palermo (1976)

Photo by Tiziano Salamone –


The Flying  Fish

Hey, did you forget? The days with lots of dreams.

Ask the fish flying in the sky–

I’m chasing dreams, it’s a lie that my feet are stuck on the ground.


While looking up at the fluffy, fluffy clouds

In a landscape that leads from the past

Twilight I feel happy


You bring back my memories like a friend.

I could see something here without a shape.

Who knows what this means?


Red sky, blue trees, green sea–

Everything doesn’t have to be the same color,

nor does it need to conform to the actual image.

The color that is reflected in my heart is the most beautiful color.


And you are sitting, smiling

Because that is so lovely.

That day, I kicked the ground with all my strength.


Claude Monet in Bordighera, Immagine & Poesia, Lidia Chiarelli, Villa Pompeo Mariani

“Monet Experience” poem by Lidia Chiarelli – 1st Prize at Premio Internazionale di Poesia Inedita “BESIO 1860”


Monet Experience

                                                                        Bordighera, Giardino di Villa Pompeo Mariani

J’ai peint aujourd’hui au son de la musique:

Bordighera était en fête…et les échos m’arrivaient sous les palmiers.

Claude Monet

Bordighera, 26 février 1884

Armonie di luci e colori

che un tempo

abbagliarono Monet.


essenze fresche di primavera

che eclissano ogni pensiero

nell’ora tarda del mattino


rose antiche si sfrangiano

 tra fiori di pesco

palme e limoni


( les pêchers mêlés

aux palmiers, aux citronniers…)


all’improvviso giocosi

 suoni di una banda lontana

 colorano l’aria

                                                        e  risvegliano vibranti emozioni.

  È questo il momento

delle parole perdute

negli squarci di azzurro

 parole che tornano leggere

 per raccontare

                                                         l’incanto perfetto e rarefatto                                                       

di un giardino dai contorni sfumati

l’incanto di un giardino senza tempo.

Lidia Chiarelli

PREMIO BESIO copertina