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Lidia Chiarelli’s installation- Agliè (Torino Italy) – September 2018

Agliè (Torino Italy) – Lidia Chiarelli, installation artist and poet, in the GARDEN FOR PEACE –

Cross-Cultural Communications, Immagine & Poesia, Korean Expatriate Literature, Lidia Chiarelli, Yoon-Ho Cho

Biblioteca Civica – Torino

Books donated to Biblioteca Civica di Torino:

Lidia Chiarelli: Tramonto in una tazza, EEE, Moncalieri Torino 2017

Yoon-Ho Cho: The Light of Love, Cross-Cultural Communications & Korean Expatriate Literature, Seoul Korea 2018

AAVV: Korean Expatriate Literature (Anthology in English and Korean), published by Yoon-Ho Cho, Seoul Korea 2018

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