Immagine & Poesia, Katherine L. Gordon, Lidia Chiarelli

“Wordless With Roses” poem by Katherine Gordon, “Cascade of Roses” fine art photo by Lidia Chiarelli

cascade of roses (3)

Wordless With Roses

There is a rose in many a poem

though no words can capture

the startlement of such a beauty

lavished on some olden wall as though

fairy-chosen to hold all who can see

to a ransom of dreams.   We cannot say

how the heart stops, tears appear,

passions pulse, but for a moment all meaning

is possible.

True love, true harmony, true surrender,

all wordless.

Katherine L. Gordon.


Gordon L. Katherine (Canada)
Katherine L. Gordon is a poet, publisher, judge, reviewer and literary critic, promoting poetry internationally. Her work
has been published internationally in several languages, including Chinese and Hindi. Her latest book is Caution: Deep
Water, HMS Press.