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“On the Walls of Life” poem and image by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy (To Lawrence Ferlinghetti on his 101st birthday)



On the Walls of Life

to Lawrence Ferlinghetti on his 101st birthday


[Hic et nunc]

Lead me to paint

the light on the walls of life.

Lead  me

to become a tear of the sun

a hill of poetry

a word in a tree

Take me

to look at the world

as you saw it

to discover

the sparkling sea of gold

the herons riding the wind

the  tides that restlessly ebb and flow.


With you I will listen

to the echo of the siren song

to the breath of rustling leaves

the perfect hush of a starry night.


Here and now

help me reach the very shores of light

waiting for the day

that maketh all things clear

 with you

again and forever


Lidia Chiarelli, Italy


March 24, 2020



Art, Arte Città Amica, Immagine & Poesia, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Lidia Chiarelli

FERLINGHETTI 100- Art Exhibition in Torino (December 2019)

Art Exhibition in Torino as a TRIBUTE TO LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI for his 100th Birthday. Palazzo Birago December 3-13 2019.

RosalbaVacis reads selected verses from  “Instructions to Painters & Poets”.

Photo Credit: Cesare Dallafiore