Poetry Competition: THE COLOUR OF SAYING

The Colour of Saying – a celebration of Dylan Thomas

From October 27 2012 to April 27 2014

• For original and new pieces of creative writing to be based on Dylan Thomas’s poem ‘The Hunchback in the Park’.

• To create a 5-year rolling programme which includes other disciplines, such as poetry accompanied by music, film scripts, play scripts, and dramatic monologues.

• To encourage trauma or war victims, prisoners, abused wives or husbands, immigrants or refugees to a new country who do not speak the country’s language.

• Age for entrants 10 – 100 years
• Responses to the poem ‘The Hunchback in the Park’ can be in poetry, prose-poems, prose, diary form, and letter form
• Creative writing entries must be original
• Creative writing entries must not have been previously published
• Creative writing entries can be written in the writer’s mother tongue (whatever the language is) or in the writer’s dialect, together with (if possible) an English translation
• Submissions are limited to one page each for the original and translation
• Submissions must be sent to


• as a word attachment, which should include the age of the entrant and contact details

• Submission is free
• Deadline 27 April 2014 (Dylan’s mother Florrie Thomas’s birthday)

The best of the submissions will be judged by international writers/translators and published in an anthology which will appear on the 27th October 2014, the centenary of Dylan Thomas’s birth, co-published by The Seventh Quarry Press, UK, and Cross-Cultural Communications, USA

The remainder of the submissions will appear in phases on


Organisers: Anne Pelleschi and Welsh poet Peter Thabit Jones,
in a collaboration with Stanley H. Barkan of New York

English-language judges: Peter Thabit Jones and Anne Pelleshi of Wales; Stanley H. Barkan, Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, Maria Mazziotti Gillan, and John Dotson of America

Other-language judges will be chosen by Stanley H. Barkan and Peter Thabit Jones


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