Representatives of IMMAGINE&POESIA

Bahrain and India: R. Gopakumar
Brazil: Cristiane Campos
Canada: Wendy Skog
Croatia: Boris Pecigoš
Denmark: Camelia Elias
Finland: Ismo Jokiaho
France and Tunisia: Aicha Skandrani
Germany: Elke Kraft
Greece: Foteinh Xamidielh
Hungary: Marianna Venczak
Iran: Tarane Ebrahimi, Hamed Dehnavi
Kosova: Basri Mekolli
Japan and China: Misako Chida
Malaysia: Eddie Lim
Malta: Doranne Alden
Norway: Marit Risto Fagerli
Poland: Mirek Antoniewicz
Peru: Alan Kent Chavez Chavez
Portugal: Jame Braz, Covilhã
Romania: Aura Dvoracic
South Africa: Lorraine Marcus
Spain: Daniel Berdala
Sweden: Mats Eriksson
Tanzania: Muddyb Blast Producer
Turkey: Sibel Sancar
Uganda: Eria Nsubuga
UK: Peter Thabit Jones, Swansea
USA: Stanley H. Barkan, Adel and Mary Gorgy, Long Island


5 thoughts on “Representatives of IMMAGINE&POESIA”

  1. ihave the pleasure of discovring you by the hospice of a friend AICA
    nice meet you please let me knowmore about your actvities
    hope to be one with your group
    best regards
    riben kali

  2. Hi,
    Nice to meeting all here, I am also part of the group (India/Bahrain). Now my activity is translating different languages (most of the Indian languages and Arabic) for Wikipedia pages.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I guess it’s kinda proud to be one of the group member! I’ve created the article about this group on my home Wikipedia – Swahili Wikipedia. Nice to have you around! Cheers!

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