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“BREATHE ME” gogyoshi and painting by Gloria Keh, Singapore


Breathe me into your body.

Breathe me into your soul.

Breathe me

like you’ve never breathed before.

Breathe me now.


Respirami nel tuo corpo.
Respirami nella tua anima.
come non hai mai respirato prima.
Respirami  adesso

Traduzione di Lidia Chiarelli


Immagine & Poesia

E BOOK 2017: Call for Artists and Poets of IMMAGINE & POESIA


Call for submissions for an e-book publication, vol. 4, 2017

Poets and artists members of Immagine & Poesia, are invited to submit a poem linked to an image for an E-Book publication edited by the Immagine & Poesia Movement, Torino, Italy. Huguette Bertrand (Canada) will be responsible for the making of the e-book in Pdf format.
The ebook is not to be sold but to be downloaded for free on Immagine & Poesia’s website. Please note that this publication will include English and French speaking poets. Poems of each language will not be translated.

Please note that any form of political, religious or racial propaganda is discouraged. The editors reserve the right to reject the texts considered not suitable for this publication.

1. To subscribe as a member of Immagine & Poesia, please do so by asking to join Immagine & Poesia Facebook Group:

2. Poems should be no longer than 20 lines

3. Each poet / artist can choose an artwork / poem to be linked

4. If a poet chooses an artwork to pair with his/her poem, the artist must be a member of Immagine & Poesia and give permission by e-mail to use his/her image and viceversa for the artist who sends his/her image linked to a poem.

5. If the artist / poet is not a member of Immagine & Poesia, he/she can subscribe as indicated in rule no 1.

6. Each poem will be linked to an image to figure on one page on the e-book.

7. A short biography (3 lines max) is required with the link to the website of both the poet and the artist author of the image.

8. To resume : Only two files should be sent for submission :
– a jpg file of the image /
-on one single word file : the poem, the biographies, the permission of the artist chosen and the links to their website or blog or Facebook.

N.B. : The works will be listed in the book in order of arrival.

Deadline : May 15th, 2017

Submissions should be sent to both :

Lidia Chiarelli – e-mail :
and Cc to Huguette Bertrand – e-mail :