“DYLAN THOMAS AND ITALY” – Tribute to DYLAN THOMAS – March 25 – Torino Italy



Tribute to one of the greatest poets of the Twentieth Century

at the conclusion of the celebrations organized

for the centenary of his birth


 a project by  “Il Luogo delle Arti” and  “Immagine & Poesia”


In the Beginning_ridotta

(In the Beginning – painting by Gianpiero Actis)


In the beginning was the three-pointed star, 
One smile of light across the empty face…

Dylan Thomas


Alberto Geisser Library, Torino

Wednesday, March 25  6 pm – free admission –



Manrico Murzi: poet

Massimo Trombi (Libreria La torre di Abele)

Anna Maria Bracale Ceruti, Luisa Paglieri (Associazione Il Luogo delle Arti)

Lidia Chiarelli, Rosalba Vacis, Maria Fiorenza Verde (Associazione Immagine & Poesia)

Cristina Codazza: voice artist

On show: paintings by  Gianpiero Actis e Davide Binello

Acknowledgments for comments and messages:

SWANSEA: Peter Thabit Jones (Welsh poet and dramatist, author – with Aeronwy Thomas – ofThe Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village, New York”), Jo Furber (Literature Officer – Dylan Thomas Centre), Anne Haden (Expert on Dylan Thomas)

NEW YORK: Stanley H. Barkan, Poet/Publisher, Cross-Cultural Communications NY

“Limuni” poem by Stanley H. Barkan, NY. Translation into Sicilian by Marco Scalabrino, Trapani

alba sul mare 2

(“Alba sul Mare – Limoni”, painting by Gianpiero Actis, Torino, Italy)


Credits: “LIMUNI” by Stanley H. Barkan (translation by Marco Scalabrino) is published in “RAISINS WITH ALMONDS  – PASSULI CU MENNULI”, LEGAS PUBLISHING –  NY/ Ontario  Canada –  2013




by Stanley H. Barkan


Pumadoru! Nèspuli! Limuni!”

cries the Sicilian fruit vendor

as he pulls his fruit-filled cart

over the broken stones

of the streets of Trapani.


Aphrodite rises out of the clouds

at the peak of Erice,

her lemon breasts throbbing

at the sight of visitors

seeking her ancient cure.


No, she will not speak again.

The times of gods and goddesses

are gone with the scirocco.


But the round yellow fruits

blossom all the spring long,

so numerous they fall unpicked

upon the mythic earth.


Basketsful are gathered

only from the fallen fruits

perhaps to sweeten the water.


No one picks them from the branches,

fresh from the trees in Everyone’s garden,

so sweetly nippled waiting for a kiss.



adattamento in dialetto siciliano

di Marco Scalabrino

“Pumadoru! Nespuli! Limuni!”

abbannìa l’omu strati strati

mentri ammutta tra scaffi vecchi e novi

lu so carrettu chinu d’ogni beni.


Di lu pizzu di Erici umitusu,

Veneri bidduna s’arrusbìgghia

e abballarìa, pi sbriu di li turisti,

li minni soi divini, sempiterni.


Ma nun parra.

Chì li tempi di li Dei

si ni jeru, oramai

cu lu sciloccu.


E ntantu ssi frutti tunni e gialli

chi spuntanu abbunnanti e nuddu cogghi

purriti tummulìanu a li soi pedi,

a carteddi, pi nzuccarari l’acqua.


Nuddu chiù l’ascippa di li rami.

Nuddu chiù, frischi nna l’arvuli,

affùncia a ssi capicchi duri e duci

chi nun aspettanu autru chi … un vasuni.


Tanka (短歌 “short poem”) by Neal Whitman, photograph by Elaine Whitman, USA

neal whitman


Elaine and Neal Whitman have been married for 37 years and exchanging Valentines cards for 40 years. They live in Pacific Grove, California (US) where both are hospice volunteers. They love to collaborate on haiga — her photography and his poetry. Also, in public recital, they combine her wood flute and his poems.


neal and elaine

“The Colour of Saying – A Creative Writing Competition in Celebration of Dylan Thomas”

Colour of Saying front cover


Anthology  edited by Peter Thabit Jones (Wales, UK) and Stanley H. Barkan (NY): A Creative Writing Competition in Celebration of Dylan Thomas

Colour of Saying back cover


The Eyes Have It – Gianpiero Actis and International Artists explore the theme of Eyes in Art

Omaggio a Miró, Kandinskij, Picasso, Magritte

The Eyes Have It – Gianpiero Actis and International Artists explore the theme of Eyes in Art

review by Mary Gregory, art critic NY



Exhibition in Torino “Artists’ Glances” – Paintings by G. Actis – Poems by L. Chiarelli








viale Balsamo Crivelli 11 – 10126 Torino – Italy

 Opening Reception: December 4, 6 pm -

December 4 – January 10, 2015

Closed on Modays


paintings by Gianpiero Actis – poems by Lidia Chiarelli for Immagine & Poesia

Installation: ONLY … FOR YOUR EYES

Visitors are welcome to bring  or send their artworks on cardboard (10 x 15 cms) for the installation

Subject: The Eye

Free Technique