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The Lonely Rose, poem by Armenuhi Sisyan, image and translation into Italian by Lidia Chiarelli


The Lonely Rose


How tenderly

that lonely rose

smiles to the Sun,

to the Sky,

to me.

Blooming alone,

swinging alone,

while, knowing that  she’s lonely

in front of the Sky,

Sun and me.

How beautifully alone is that rose!

What shall I do now?

I’d rather get closer to her,

approach her for the sun

and for the sky as well.


La rosa solitaria


Quanto teneramente

quella rosa solitaria

sorride al sole,

al cielo,

a me.

Fiorire da sola,

oscillare da sola,

mentre  sa che lei è sola

di fronte al Cielo,

il Sole e me.

Quanto è bella da sola quella rosa!

Cosa dovrei fare ora?

Preferirei avvicinarmi a lei,

avvicinarmi a lei per il sole

e anche per il cielo.


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Asror Allayarov writer, Uzbekistan




Asror Allayarov is a young journalist in Uzbekistan. He is currently editor-in-chief in Karshi for a newspaper named Eastern World. He has won local and international writing awards, including The Golden Pen prize in 2007 from the Kashkadarya newspaper, organized by the Uzbekistan Journalists Union. He won first place in the Youth Life in Media competition, and his poems and stories were published in the Kafla Intercontinental magazine in India. He also edited Uzbek Writer’s Anthology, published in India in 2013. He enjoys watching English movies and his dream is to go to the United States.

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Lidia Chiarelli’s books acquired for the reading room of Il Circolo dei Lettori – Torino

Lidia Chiarelli: Immagine & Poesia-The Movement in Progress, CCC New  York 2013

Lidia Chiarelli: Tramonto in una tazza/Sunset in a Cup, EEE Moncalieri (Torino) 2017

are now in the reading room of  Il CIRCOLO DEI LETTORI, Palazzo Graneri della Roccia Torino

Cross-Cultural Communications, Immagine & Poesia, Korean Expatriate Literature, Lidia Chiarelli, Yoon-Ho Cho

Biblioteca Civica – Torino

Books donated to Biblioteca Civica di Torino:

Lidia Chiarelli: Tramonto in una tazza, EEE, Moncalieri Torino 2017

Yoon-Ho Cho: The Light of Love, Cross-Cultural Communications & Korean Expatriate Literature, Seoul Korea 2018

AAVV: Korean Expatriate Literature (Anthology in English and Korean), published by Yoon-Ho Cho, Seoul Korea 2018

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