IMMAGINE & POESIA E BOOK 2015 – Call for Artists and Poets



Project for an E-Book publication 2015

Poets and artists members of Immagine & Poesia, are invited to submit a poem linked to an image for an E-Book publication edited by the Immagine & Poesia Movement, Torino, Italy. Huguette Bertrand (Canada) will be responsible for the making of the e-book in Pdf format. The ebook is not to be sold but to be downloaded for free on Immagine & Poesia’s website. Please note that this publication will include English and French speaking poets. Poems of each language will not be translated.

  1. To subscribe as a member of Immagine & Poesia, please do so by asking to join Immagine & Poesia Facebook Group:
  2. Poems should be no longer than 20 lines


  1. Each poet / artist can choose an artwork / poem to be linked
  2. If a poet chooses an artwork  to pair with his/her poem, the artist must be a member of Immagine & Poesia and give permission by e-mail to use his/her image and viceversa for the artist who sends his/her image linked to a poem.
  3. If the artist/poet is not a member of Immagine & Poesia, he/she can subscribe as indicated in rule no 1.
  4. Each poem will be linked to an image to figure on one page on the e-book.
  5. A short biography (3 lines max) is required with the link to the website of both the poet and the artist author of the image.
  6. To resume : Only two files should be sent for submission :
    – A jpg file of the image    /   On one single word file : the poem, the biographies, the permission of the artist / poet chosen and the link to their website or blog or Facebook.


N.B. : The first 20 poems/images selected by the editors will be published in Immagine & Poesia
E-Book 2015. Deadline : May 31st, 2015

Submissions should be sent to

to Huguette Bertrand
email :

and also Cc Lidia Chiarelli
email :


Adel Gorgy: Retrospective Exhibition at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Edward Williams Gallery

Retrospective E.


Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Edward Williams Gallery presents
“Adel Gorgy – Art About Art…From Da Vinci to Matisse and Warhol, Photographic Works,
Retrospective Exhibition.”
March 30th through May 1st, Opening Reception – Saturday, April 11, from 2-4 pm.
From March 30th through May 1st, Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Edward Williams Gallery presents “Adel Gorgy – Art About Art…From Da Vinci to Matisse and Warhol, Photographic Works, Retrospective Exhibition” a solo exhibition of large scale, abstract photographic work by the acclaimed New York artist, Adel Gorgy. Gorgy’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries nationally and internationally. This is his first exhibition at the Edward William Gallery.

Gorgy’s photographic art often focuses on familiar works of art by renowned earlier artists. This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to see examples of several bodies of work that span more than 20 years.

Merging the conceptual with the visual into vibrant and stunning images, Gorgy’s work extends the boundaries and redefines the possibilities of photography. In “Art About Art…From Da Vinci to Matisse and Warhol,” Gorgy’s first retrospective exhibition, traces of earlier artworks can be perceived. Works that range in subject matter from ancient to Renaissance to Impressionist and Modern Art present Gorgy’s distinctive style and vision. Gorgy reconstructs, recontextualizes and recomposes what he sees into complex, intricately detailed photographs rich with imagery and meaning. This work presents a completely new vision that has not been done or seen before. It transcends the limitations of realism, asks the viewer to experience art with new eyes, and gives new depth and dimension to familiar works. Gorgy’s abstractions are surprising, thought-provoking and beautiful. Several of the works are printed on silver metallic medium, which gives an incredible depth of tone and a rich surface texture.

Photographic artworks from these series have been exhibited in Manhattan, London, Italy, France, Singapore and Seoul, Korea. Now, New Jersey audiences will have the opportunity to see them locally. Adel Gorgy’s artwork has been the subject of five previous solo exhibitions. It has been included in numerous group shows, published widely in books and magazines, and is the subject of the 2014 book, “Adel Gorgy, Photographic Works.”

The Edward Williams Gallery, under the directorship of Diana Soorikian, at Fairleigh Dickinson’s Petrocelli College presents exhibitions of important local and regional contemporary artists.

Edward Williams Gallery, Diana Soorikian, Director
150 Kotte Place, Hackensack, NJ Free and open to the public
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-8:30pm Sat 9:30am-2pm
Information and directions (201)692-2449 /

Dylan Thomas’ and Aeronwy Thomas’ Portraits Exhibition in Torino, Italy

Alberto Geisser Library, Torino – March 25  2015 at 6 pm Conference “DYLAN THOMAS AND ITALY” with portraits of Dylan Thomas and Aeronwy Thomas on show


"Dylan Thomas in blue" digital art by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

“Dylan Thomas in blue” digital artwork  by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy (from an original photo taken in  Battersea in 1936 – courtesy of Jeff Town)


"Dylan, light your fire"  mix media painting by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

“Dylan, light your fire” mix media painting by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy (from an original photo by Nora Summers – courtesy of Jeff Town)

"Portrait of Dylan Thomas" by Gianpiero Actis, Italy

“Portrait of   Dylan Thomas” by Gianpiero Actis, Italy

"Do not go gentle into that good night" by Claudio Chiabotti, Italy

“Do not go gentle into that good night” by Claudio Chiabotti, Italy

"Aeronwy Thomas"  by Davide Binello, Italy

“Aeronwy Thomas” by Davide Binello, Italy

Portrait by Liliana Cecchin

“Aeronwy Thomas” by Liliana Cecchin, Italy


BENGALI COVERCover art by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld


in cooperation with

Cross-Cultural Communications




10 River Terrace, NYC 10282

Tel: 212/431-7920

SATURDAY, APRIL 11, 2:00-5:30 PM

hosted by

Hassanal Abdullah & Stanley H. Barkan


special reading of Hassanal Abdullah’s new forthcoming book


(Cross-Cultural Communications, 2015)

Dedicated to Bangladesh-born US citizen, Freethinker, and Founder of

AVIJIT ROY (1972–2015)

murdered by Islamic fundamentalists after attending the book fair in Dhaka, February, 2015

multilingual reading

special featured poet from Wales


FUAD ATTAL (Arabic) * FARUQUE AZAM (Bengali) * HONG AI BAI (Chinese, Korean)



JOAN DIGBY (English) * JOHN DIGBY (English) * CHARLES FISHMAN (English)

MIKE GRAVES (English) * SANG-HEE KWAK (Korean) * NINO PROVENZANO (Italian, Sicilian)

MINDY RINKEWICH (Polish, Russian, Yiddish) * NAZNIN SEAMON (Bengali)



Book and Art & Photography Exhibit

Gianpiero Actis, Helen Bar-Lev, Lidia Chiarelli, Adel Gorgy, Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, Mark Polyakov, Marsha Solomon

Refreshments / Free – Donations welcome

Made Possible in Part through Poets House’s Literary Partner’s Program”

“DYLAN THOMAS AND ITALY” – Tribute to DYLAN THOMAS – March 25 – Torino Italy



Tribute to one of the greatest poets of the Twentieth Century

at the conclusion of the celebrations organized

for the centenary of his birth


 a project by  “Il Luogo delle Arti” and  “Immagine & Poesia”


In the Beginning_ridotta

(In the Beginning – painting by Gianpiero Actis)


In the beginning was the three-pointed star, 
One smile of light across the empty face…

Dylan Thomas


Alberto Geisser Library, Torino

Wednesday, March 25  6 pm – free admission –



Manrico Murzi: poet

Massimo Trombi (Libreria La torre di Abele)

Anna Maria Bracale Ceruti, Luisa Paglieri (Associazione Il Luogo delle Arti)

Lidia Chiarelli, Rosalba Vacis, Maria Fiorenza Verde (Associazione Immagine & Poesia)

Cristina Codazza: voice artist

On show: paintings by  Gianpiero Actis e Davide Binello

Acknowledgments for comments and messages:

OXFORD: Hannah Ellis (grand-daughter of Dylan Thomas), President of the Dylan Thomas Society of Great Britain)

SWANSEA: Peter Thabit Jones (Welsh poet and dramatist, author – with Aeronwy Thomas – ofThe Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village”),  Jo Furber (Literature Officer – Dylan Thomas Centre),  Anne Haden (Expert on Dylan Thomas)

NEW YORK: Stanley H. Barkan, Poet/Publisher, Cross-Cultural Communications, NY

“Limuni” poem by Stanley H. Barkan, NY. Translation into Sicilian by Marco Scalabrino, Trapani

alba sul mare 2

(“Alba sul Mare – Limoni”, painting by Gianpiero Actis, Torino, Italy)


Credits: “LIMUNI” by Stanley H. Barkan (translation by Marco Scalabrino) is published in “RAISINS WITH ALMONDS  – PASSULI CU MENNULI”, LEGAS PUBLISHING –  NY/ Ontario  Canada –  2013




by Stanley H. Barkan


Pumadoru! Nèspuli! Limuni!”

cries the Sicilian fruit vendor

as he pulls his fruit-filled cart

over the broken stones

of the streets of Trapani.


Aphrodite rises out of the clouds

at the peak of Erice,

her lemon breasts throbbing

at the sight of visitors

seeking her ancient cure.


No, she will not speak again.

The times of gods and goddesses

are gone with the scirocco.


But the round yellow fruits

blossom all the spring long,

so numerous they fall unpicked

upon the mythic earth.


Basketsful are gathered

only from the fallen fruits

perhaps to sweeten the water.


No one picks them from the branches,

fresh from the trees in Everyone’s garden,

so sweetly nippled waiting for a kiss.



adattamento in dialetto siciliano

di Marco Scalabrino

“Pumadoru! Nespuli! Limuni!”

abbannìa l’omu strati strati

mentri ammutta tra scaffi vecchi e novi

lu so carrettu chinu d’ogni beni.


Di lu pizzu di Erici umitusu,

Veneri bidduna s’arrusbìgghia

e abballarìa, pi sbriu di li turisti,

li minni soi divini, sempiterni.


Ma nun parra.

Chì li tempi di li Dei

si ni jeru, oramai

cu lu sciloccu.


E ntantu ssi frutti tunni e gialli

chi spuntanu abbunnanti e nuddu cogghi

purriti tummulìanu a li soi pedi,

a carteddi, pi nzuccarari l’acqua.


Nuddu chiù l’ascippa di li rami.

Nuddu chiù, frischi nna l’arvuli,

affùncia a ssi capicchi duri e duci

chi nun aspettanu autru chi … un vasuni.